Mark Hamill Says Michael Keaton’s Subversive ‘Batman’ Casting Inspired Him to Voice the Joker

Mark Hamill is reflecting on how Michael Keaton tore down typecasting for the “Batman” superhero films.Hamill, who voiced The Joker in the critically acclaimed TV show “Batman: The Animated Series,” reflected on Keaton’s casting in Tim Burton’s live-action 1989 “Batman” movie during a Wired video interview (below).“I had a confidence that really helped me, because there was this big outcry that Michael Keaton was going to play Batman,” Hamill recalled of auditioning for the voice-acting role.

“‘Oh he’s Mr.

Mom, he’s a comedy actor.’ I mean they hadn’t even seen him, and they didn’t realize how great he would become.

But there was great controversy.”The “Star Wars” icon continued, “So when I went in, I thought, ‘You think they’re going to hire Luke Skywalker to play the Joker? The fans will lose their minds!’ I was so sure that I couldn’t be cast,…

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