Martin Bregman, Legendary Producer of ‘Scarface’ and ‘Dog Day Afternoon,’ Dies at 92

Martin Bregman, the seasoned producer behind Scarface-1983-movie-posters/”>Scarface and Dog Day Afternoon, has died at 92, Wnbc 4 New York reported Saturday night.

The producer died of a cerebral hemorrhage on Saturday evening, the outlet reported.Bregman, who actor Al Pacino once described in a Hollywood Reporter interview as “my guy,” also produced Carlito’s Way, Serpico and Sea of Love with the actor, and was slated to produce David Ayer’s upcoming adaptation of Scarface.Pacino has often credited the producer with offering him crucial early career guidance.

“I’m missing a lot not having him around anymore,” Pacino said in a 2014 …

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