Martin Scorsese’s Favorite Movies: 50 Films the Director Wants You to See

Martin Scorsese is not just one of the greatest filmmakers of all time — he’s one of the greatest cinephiles.

And Scorsese’s favorite movies are as wide-ranging in genre, year of release, and national origin as you might imagine, from Ti West’s “Pearl” to the horror films of Val Lewton and the films of Senegalese master Djibril Diop Mambety.

His knowledge of film history suffuses his filmmaking as well: Many have noted how Joe Pesci’s Tommy DeVito shooting into the camera at the end of “Goodfellas” is a nod to the final shot of “The Great Train Robbery.” But “Shutter Island” throws back to film noir, and even something like “The Wolf of Wall Street,” with its heady mixture of depravity and moralism, seems inflected by his love of Cecil B.

DeMille.Of course, Scorsese has also been an unflagging champion of film preservation and discovery, helping

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