Marvel Ignored #BlackPantherChallenge, But the Founder Says It Proves the System Needs Disruption

From the outside, the success of the #BlackPantherChallenge — which is raising money for kids around the country to see “Black Panther” in theaters — has seemed like one of those grassroots efforts that caught fire on social media and became a viral national sensation.

Before it became an official GoFundMe with over 400 local campaigns that raised over $400,000, New York marketing consultant Frederick Joseph launched the Challenge as a local effort for Harlem’s Boys and Girls Club.

However, the campaign’s trajectory was anything but accidental.“I always envisioned it going national, but strategically I needed a base for it just to be the spark,” said Joseph in an interview with IndieWire.

“With Harlem being such a historically black community and this film being such a historic film in terms of black representation, and feminist representation as well, I just wanted to start it there because I knew people would be most receptive.

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