Matt Damon Reveals Why He Cried at the ‘Stillwater’ Premiere

Matt Damon’s tears made headline news earlier this month when the actor was overcome with emotion at the Cannes premiere of his new drama “Stillwater.”Damon tells me that his reaction “really snuck up on” him, and attributed his response to “the feeling of being in a movie theater again and how much I missed that, and why we do that.“It was a great reminder that we need to go as a community of strangers and turn the lights off and have this experience all at the same time together,” Damon said.

“There’s something beautiful and valuable about that.

I just kind of got overwhelmed in the moment because I just hadn’t done that in almost two years.

It was great.

I was happy.

I was just very moved by it.”In the Tom McCarthy-directed film, Damon plays Bill, an out-of-work oil rig worker from Oklahoma who relocates to France,

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