Matt Damon’s Publicity Tour Has Soured. How Will That Impact ‘Stillwater’ and ‘The Last Duel’?

This weekend, Matt Damon opened Tom McCarthy’s drama “Stillwater” to a respectable $5 million on 2,531 screens.

For the amount of attention that’s currently being paid to the film, it might as well have been released in a church basement.

Damon, however, is now a human lightning rod in the face of his own father-daughter drama thanks to a recent revealing interview with The Times of London.When Damon admitted that one of his daughters recently schooled him on not using the epithet “f****t,” the social media backlash was fierce.

The Times story went viral because it revealed something many of us already knew from Damon’s faceoff with producer Effie Brown on “Project Greenlight”: the Boston native is often unconscious of his own biases.On August 2, Damon’s PR reps responded with a statement from the actor (which they provided to IndieWire).During a recent interview, I

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