Matthew McConaughey Turned Down $14.5 Million Offer to Make Another Rom-Com Movie

The year 2010 was a pivotal moment for Matthew McConaughey.

The actor was coming off a decade as the face of the romantic-comedy genre thanks to “The Wedding Planner,” “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” “Failure To Launch,” “Fool’s Gold,” and “Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past,” nearly all of which grossed over $100 million at the worldwide box office.

As McConaughey writes in his new memoir “Greenlights,” rom-com offers were about the only offers he was getting at the turn of the decade.“The romantic comedies remained my only consistent box office hits, which made them my only consistent incoming offers,” McConaughey writes.

“For me personally, I enjoyed being able to give people a nitty-minute breezy romantic getaway from the stress of their lives where they didn’t have to think about anything, just watch the boy chase the girl, fall down, then get up and finally get her.

I had

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