Matthew Modine Compares Christopher Nolan to Stanley Kubrick: Big Movies, Small Sets

Actors who worked with Christopher Nolan have plenty of stories about the methods to his madness.

Earlier this year, comments from “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Interstellar” star Anne Hathaway got blown out of proportion when she said the filmmaker doesn’t allow chairs on his sets.

(What she meant was Nolan doesn’t keep directors’ chairs clustered around the video-village monitors.) Now, “The Dark Knight Rises” co-star Matthew Modine, who played Commissioner Gordon’s second-in-command Foley, shared the major similarity between Nolan and director Stanley Kubrick.

Modine starred in Kubrick’s 1987 war classic “Full Metal Jacket.”The similar approach between the legendary filmmakers, Modine told Hollywood Reporter, is in the intimacy of the set despite the massiveness of the project.

“Sometimes on ‘Full Metal Jacket,’ there weren’t more than 10 or 15 people on the set,” he said.

“And as big as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was, with all of

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