‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Review: Jeremy Renner and Taylor Sheridan Build a Bleak, By-the-Book Crime Drama

One would be forgiven for confusing “Mayor-of-Kingstown-2021-movie-posters/”>Mayor of Kingstown” from Paramount+ with “Mare-of-Easttown-2021-movie-posters/”>Mare of Easttown” on HBO.

Mayor or Mare, Kingstown or Easttown, Pennsylvania crime drama or Michigan crime drama.

Among the profusion of “prestige” TV, the easiest way to keep them straight isn’t by their title or subject matter, but their star: Kate Winslet is the eponymous “Mare of Easttown,” while Jeremy Renner plays the unofficial “Mayor of Kingstown.”The latter is also the latest original streaming series with the weight of an entire service on its shoulders.

Co-created and written by Taylor Sheridan, who helped Spike TV transition to the Paramount Network with 2018’s “Yellowstone,” the blue-collar, blue-tinged, pseudo-cop drama’s raison d’être is to build a bridge from the Network to the “+” — from the presumed past to the supposed future — so the (massive) audiences who have already flocked to Kevin Costner’s ranch will make

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