Melanie Lynskey Opens Up on How Brittany Murphy Felt ‘She Had to Change to Be Successful’

Melanie Lynskey is looking back on Hollywood’s typecasting of women based on their bodies, and the “Heavenly Creatures” alum couldn’t help but point out one cautionary “heartbreaking” tale: Brittany Murphy.Lynskey, nominated for an Emmy thanks to her stunning performance in “Yellowjackets,” has been open about the criticisms of her physique onscreen.

While Lynskey has slammed the backlash, she opened up about what it means to be a woman in Hollywood.“I was friends with Brittany Murphy, and the way she viewed herself was always really heartbreaking to me — the things she felt she had to change to be a successful actor,” Lynskey told InStyle for a cover story.

“She was perfect just as she was, but people were trying to cast her as, like, ‘the fat one,’ because when she was a very young teenager, her cheeks were a little bit round.”Lynskey explained, “People tell you

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