‘Men in Black’ and ‘Shaft’ Bombs Prove Not Every Movie Franchise Can Be Saved — Analysis

When the contents of the Sony hack were revealed in late 2014, the cache of documents revealed a number of previously unknown pieces of information about the company’s studio arm and its creative heads, including a number of bandied-about film ideas that had yet to be reported.

Among them: the possibility that the studio would launch a comedy crossover that would marry its “Men in Black” franchise — then three films deep, all of which made big bucks at the box office — with its also-popular “21 Jump Street” movie series.In leaked emails, “21 Jump Street” star Jonah Hill reportedly called the idea “clean and rad and powerful.” While it mostly sounded like Movie Franchise Mad Libs at the time, as the fourth film in the “MiB” franchise opened this weekend and promptly bombed, perhaps Sony should have pursued that idea instead.In a summer rife with sequels, reboots, and “re-quels,

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