MGM Delays Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Respect’ by Seven Months

MGM has delayed “Respect,” the Aretha Franklin biopic starring Jennifer Hudson, by seven months from Jan.

15 to Aug.

13 in the latest shuffle of a major title amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.The studio also announced Tuesday that it has removed “Tomb Raider 2,” starring Alicia Vikander, from its March 19 release date.“Respect,” titled after Franklin’s 1967 hit, had originally been scheduled to be released in August of this year but was shifted at the start of the pandemic to the Martin Luther King Jr.

holiday weekend.

Hudson, who won a supporting actress Oscar for “Dreamgirls,” was personally selected for the role by Franklin before Franklin died in 2018 at the age of 76.Franklin won 17 Grammys, starting with “Respect” in 1968 and “Chain of Fools” in 1969.

The film, directed by Liesl Tommy, also stars Forest Whitaker as C.L.

Franklin, Marlon Wayans as Ted White, Mary J.

Blige as Dinah Washington and Tituss Burgess as Rev.

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