Michael Bay Says ‘Armageddon’ Predicted NASA Mission to Destroy Asteroid: ‘Told You So’

Michael Bay’s 1998 “Armageddon” may have been a critical flop, but the space disaster movie has proven to be prescient as far as astronomy is concerned.

Director Bay took to social media this week to tip his hat to NASA, which just launched a 1,200-pound spacecraft into the cosmos to try and slam into an asteroid to stop its path next year.

Per the filmmaker, his film almost seemed to predict this very event, as the movie centers on a team of oil drillers and NASA workers who set out to detonate a nuclear bomb in an asteroid.“I told you so.

But no one wanted to listen to me.

NASA’s Dart rocket lifted off today! It’s going to do a little Bayhem in space!” wrote Bay, whose next film is February’s “Ambulance” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, on Instagram.

(See the post below.)He also told TheWrap, “Our plan was not far off,

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