Michael Kenneth Williams Was a Master of Blending In While Standing Out

When my friends and I first watched “The Wire,” we’d call each other by the characters’ names.

If you said something dumb, you’d be Prezbo.

If you were smart enough to guess what happened next, then you got to be Lester.

And whenever someone had a few too many sips of whiskey and fell asleep before the episode ended, well, they knew they’d be McNulty until the next viewing.

But one name was never shared: Omar.

No one was Omar Little because, even in jest, no one could be.So commanding and ominous, yet vulnerable and charismatic, Michael Kenneth Williams would come to imbue each of these traits into an array of inimitable characters across film and television.

Few TV fans will forget his work as Chalky White on “Boardwalk Empire,” Freddy Knight in “The Night Of,” Bobby McCray in “When They See Us,” or Leonard Pine in “Hap and Leonard,

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