Michelle Yeoh Receives Honorary AFI Doctorate: ‘Telling Stories Is a Privilege None of Us Should Take for Granted’

No need to travel through the multiverse to find a dimension where Dr.

Michelle Yeoh exists.

We’re already living in it.The “Everything Everywhere All at Once” star received an honorary doctorate from the American Film Institute on Sunday, with the film’s directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert on hand to present it to her at the Tcl Chinese Theatre (via The Hollywood Reporter).“You have made my mother the happiest mother in the world today,” Yeoh said after accepting the honor.

“I think now she actually thinks I’m an adult with a real job.

I had to keep telling her, ‘I’m not a real doctor, I don’t write prescriptions, mom.’ But she can go around telling everyone, ‘My daughter is a doctor.’”Yeoh proceeded to speak about the massive changes she has witnessed in the entertainment industry in recent years, praising not only the

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