Midnight Mass Star Kate Siegel On Performing That Monologue And Embracing Obsession [Interview]

Erin’s faith in “Midnight Mass” is complicated yet pure.

She’s someone seeking community and peace, but at the same time, that respectful desire was born out of hardship and tragedy.

She escaped her home and her mother, who called her a “godless heathen,” only to return and continue to struggle with the past.

She’s one of the many rich characters in “Midnight Mass,” which is another Mike Flanagan project that delivers equally compelling drama and horror. For actor Kate Siegel, who also starred in “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Hush,” Erin is a refreshing depiction of a churchgoer.”What I…The post Midnight Mass Star Kate Siegel on Performing That Monologue and Embracing Obsession [Interview] appeared first on /Film.

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