‘Midsommar’ Traumatizes Early Audiences (But in a Good Way)

Ari Aster can likely cross off “sophomore slump” from his list of many nightmares.Distributor A24 let loose the follow-up to the director’s widely praised, commercial hit debut “Hereditary” with two buzz screenings, which ran simultaneously in New York and Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Response was almost unanimously positive, if not significantly rattled.“Holy s—,” wrote Slash Film’s Chris Evangelista, adding that the movie was “disturbing” but an absolute “crowd pleaser.” Dozens of early viewers complimented Aster’s ability to create plausible terror in broad daylight, while others reveled in a leading performance from on-the-verge indie darling Florence Pugh and the deadpan bro antics of her costar Will Poulter.“Delightful from its nightmare of an opening to its floral purge of a finale,” said IndieWire’s David Ehrlich.“I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so gutted and seen by a movie.

I felt sick,

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