‘Midway’ Surprise Attacks ‘Doctor Sleep’ At The B.O. With $19M+ Opening

Wow, this wasn’t expected Roland Emmerich’s Midway is overperforming apt to beat Warner Bros.

Doctor Sleep, $19.2M to $17.2M.

Good for Midway, really bad for Doctor Sleep which cost in the $50Ms.

$7M today for Midway, and $6.6M for Doctor Sleep.

How bad were Doctor Sleep previews last night? So bad they included cash from the Oct.

30 screening.

Pity, because I think it’s a great movie.

Others disagree saying it’s slow at 2 1/2 hours with few scares.

Talk about tracking being off on Doctor Sleep, but we heard whispers he could slow down after its lackluster foreign opening last weekend.

This is a disappointment for the Stephen King canon which the whole ton was hog wild about seeking a revival on post It, the feature adaptation of the author’s tomes having a streak in the 70s,

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