Mike Flanagan Teases Three-Hour ‘Doctor Sleep’ Director’s Cut

Mike Flanagan’s “Doctor Sleep” is rife with visual homages to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic “The Shining,” of which the source material’s author, Stephen King, has been notoriously, publicly critical.

There’s no need to go down that road anymore, but it’s worth mentioning that Flanagan’s new film seems caught between paying ode to King’s novel and its follow-up novel “Doctor Sleep,” and appeasing and servicing fans of Kubrick’s film ready to go back to the Overlook one more time.

The recreation of the Overlook Hotel in “Doctor Sleep” — an ambitious set-piece that dominates the film’s last act — plays out almost like a theme park ride for “Shining” fans.

The wall of gushing blood! Delbert Grady! Where’d that bartender come from?Now, Flanagan will be releasing his unfettered version of the Warner Bros.

epic sequel, with a director’s cut coming to

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