Mike Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Mass’ Horror Series Wraps Production

Longtime horror director Mike Flanagan has completed production on his “Midnight Mass” Netflix series.Flanagan, who previously directed episodes of “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Bly Manors,” as well as popular horror films such as 2019’s “Doctor Sleep” and 2013’s “Oculus,” announced the news in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

Flanagan said that work on the project, which included an uninterrupted 83 days of shoots, included strict Covid safety protocols and detailed the various measures cast and crew took to stay safe.“Our Covid safety protocols were thorough, scientific, and strictly enforced.

Our precautions paid off — we did not miss a single day of production, and unlike a lot of other shows, we did not shut down once.

Not one time.

83 shooting days, without interruption,” Flanagan said on Twitter.

“Which isn’t to say it wasn’t harrowing.

Huge crew.

Dozens of extras.

Over 100 people in some interior scenes.

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