Millie Bobby Brown Says She’s Never Seen a Marvel or Harry Potter Movie

From “Stranger Things” to this year’s “Godzilla vs.

Kong,” you might say Millie Bobby Brown is the queen of the franchises.

But it turns out the 17-year-old actor has never seen any movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, or even the world of Harry Potter.Speaking to MTV! News (via NME), Brown admitted, “I’ve never watched a Marvel film.

I’ve never watched a DC film.

But I’m open to it.” She said she’d much rather watch something like “The Notebook” when she’s not working.“I’m not crazy on [Marvel or DC], because I’m doing it.

I’m doing that stuff already.

I want to see something that’s real,” Brown said.

She also confessed she’s never seen a Harry Potter film.

“I’ve have so many friends that just look at me and they’re like, ‘How?’ ‘I don’t know.

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