‘Minx’: Lennon Parham Scrolled Etsy and Pinterest for Perfect ’70s Lingerie Inspiration

Welcome to My Favorite Moment! In this series, IndieWire speaks to actors behind a few of our favorite television performances about their personal-best onscreen moment and how it came together.If Lennon Parham is on TV fans are going to be laughing.The actress has been a scene stealer for years on everything from “Veep” to “Playing House”.

On HBO Max’s “Minx,” which premiered in March, Parham is as hilarious as ever, but also unexpectedly moving in her role as Shelly, a stay-at-home mom turned porn magazine editor/focus group/all-around supporter.

Season 1 centered on Shelly’s sister Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) and her decision to partner with a publisher (Jake Johnson) to print her feminist manifesto/pornography magazine, Minx.Parham’s arc was a real high point for the series, allowing the actress to be vulnerable and tentative while also showcasing Shelly’s growing confidence all season long as

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