Miss Juneteenth star Nicole Beharie: ‘Black people are not monolithic’

The actor on Black Lives Matter, discussing representation with Steve McQueen and remembering co-star Chadwick BosemanSpeaking to Nicole Beharie, it becomes apparent that she is really passionate about science.

During our interview, the actor erupts into a flurry of asides, from the discovery of two new black holes to her ardour for neuroscience.

“I’m fascinated by Pavlov’s theory of domesticating animals,” she says at one point.

“Seeing how culture affects things and why people are the way they are.”Beharie’s interest in the human condition might explain the range and depth of the roles she has played to date, starting with her critically acclaimed lead performance in 2008’s American Violet as a wrongly convicted single mother who refuses to take a plea bargain.

Since then, she has starred as the intended parent of a surrogate child in Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere; the wife of a

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