Mission: Impossible — Fallout’s Bathroom Scene Took An ‘Uncomfortably Long’ Time To Film

Henry Cavill spent an “uncomfortably long” time in the bathroom while filming “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll know Cavill’s character, August Walker, wasn’t on the toilet, waiting to die like John Travolta’s hitman in “Pulp Fiction.” (It’s a thing.)Part of the time, Walker is in a stall with two other men, one of them being Ethan Hunt, played by Travolta’s fellow Scientologist, Tom Cruise.

However, contrary to what the rowdy Parisians who come knocking on their door think, Walker and Hunt and their unconscious captive are there for face-scanning purposes and not a romantic rendezvous.In a 2017 Instagram post, the summer before “Fallout” hit theaters, Cavill highlighted the skills of Chinese stuntman and Wu Shu champion Liang Yang, who plays said captive, the decoy of John Lark.Henry CavillYang’s character isn’t captive for very long, as he soon regains…

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