‘Monster Hunter’ and ‘Greenland’ Lead VOD Charts, While ‘Croods 2’ Remains Unstoppable

Two films dominated VOD rankings last week.

“Monster Hunter,” Paul W.S.

Anderson’s video-game adaptation with his muse and wife Milla Jovovich, debuted on Premium VOD and “Greenland” after breakout success as a PVOD exclusive (no theaters in the U.S.) over the last two months reduced its price to $5.99 and immediately rebounded to lead in some as well.“Monster Hunter” spent nine weekends as a theatrical exclusive and grossed $13.4 million domestically, for about $25 million worldwide.

The film took a hit when Chinese officials banned it for content offensive to local sensibilities.

(It would have been Sony’s first post-covid release in China.) It leads FandangoNow’s chart (based on revenue earned) and spent five days as #1 on Apple TV.

It’s now #2 at Apple TV and GooglePlay, which lists by rentals.“Greenland” is now #1 at Apple TV and GooglePlay.

Considering the word-of-mouth generated since its December 25 home-only release at

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