‘Monster Hunter’ Ekes Out Narrow Top Box Office Spot Over ‘Croods,’ Also on PVOD

It’s beginning to look like anything but Christmas at movie theaters.

On a weekend where normally multiple films would open, including some of the biggest hits ever, the total for all titles looks to fall short of $9 million.The top film this weekend has, at times, taken more than $100 million, and usually at least $50 million.

That’s despite the usual competition of pre-holiday events vying for attention.Normalcy would also include the release of major films, more than 4,000 theaters playing the biggest hits, and not to mention the absence of a pandemic killing more than 3,000 people a day.

Things are different this year: Fewer than 40 percent of theaters are open, with 150 less than even last weekend.That allowed “Monster Hunter” (Sony) to claim the top spot this year with $2.2 million in 1,736 theaters.

From veteran genre maven Paul W.S.

Anderson, starring his “Resident Evil” lead (and wife) Milla Jovovich, this

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