‘Monster Hunter’ VFX Artist Dennis Berardi Shares Process of Creating Video Game Beasts

“Monster Hunter” director Paul W.S Anderson calls VFX head Dennis Berardi “an invaluable creative partner.” The two have collaborated on movies dating back to “Resident Evil.”This time, Berardi serves as a producer on the big-screen adaptation of the Capcom video game.

“There are 1400 visual effects shots in this movie, so Dennis is a key part of the movie, and I rely on him creatively,” Anderson says.“Monster Hunter,” out now, brings fan-favorite monsters Nerscylla, Rathalos and Diablos to the big screen.Anderson and Berardi broke down the process of creating monsters and how they used visual effects to show the scale of the beasts.Choosing Their BeastsAnderson: It was a three-pronged approach to choosing the monsters.

Firstly, we went with fan favorites, and we worked closely with Capcom and the creators of the game to hone in on what the fans wanted to see.Rathalos was an

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