‘Monsters at Work’ Review: Disney+ Hires Pixar’s Monsters for Charming Office Comedy Series

Though a direct sequel to the Pixar movies that preceded it, “Monsters at Work” isn’t exactly the TV series you may expect.

For one, it’s not a Pixar production.

Yes, the Disney+ comedy is inspired by the world Pixar first unveiled in 2001, and, overseen by Disney Television Animation, it remains an in-house project; it’s just that the House of Mouse kept its Pixar pioneers busy on “Soul,” “Luca,” and the company’s actual first long-form TV series: “Win or Lose,” slated for Fall 2023.So while we wait a few more years for the Pixar equivalent of the MCU hitting Disney+ (aka the animated equivalent of “WandaVision”) adjust your expectations accordingly for “Monsters at Work” — a pleasant, very well-cast office comedy for kiddos, without grander designs than that.

So far, at least.Along with smooth, rubbery animation lacking that Pixar depth and definition, “Monsters at Work” also makes a meaningful change in focus.

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