Morgan Freeman’s Disabled Villain Isn’t the Biggest Problem With ‘Vanquish,’ His Cheesy New Thriller

It’s been ages since Morgan Freeman gave a performance that wasn’t more appealing than his own persona.

His new thriller, “Vanquish,” gets at the essence of the challenge: Left to his own devices in a cheesy, half-baked thriller that finds him playing a disabled cop with a criminal past, he surrenders the knowing grin and cocked eyebrow routine that has solidified into a punchline, and this pulpy B-movie could use exactly that.“Vanquish” stands in striking contrast to other recent Freeman credits where he plays himself just right.

Released in the aftermath of his hilarious celebrity narration to the funeral sequence of “Coming 2 America” and his request that Americans get vaccinated in a widely circulated PSA,It’s always intriguing to watch perennial good guys try to go bad, but “Vanquish” doesn’t give the man nearly enough substance to make that gamble worthwhile.

As Damon, a

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