Motor’s Danish Stone Age Thriller ‘Stranger’ Attracts ‘Cold War’ Producers & Scanbox (Exclusive)

Poland’s Opus Film and Scandinavian distributor Scanbox are teaming with fast-rising Danish production house Motor on Mads Hedegaard’s directorial debut “Stranger,” co-penned with Jesper Fink.

Tagged by Motor as “‘Apocalypto’ meets ‘The Revenant,’” “Stranger” will be pitched virtually on Feb.

5 by Hedegaard and producer Andreas Hjortdal, at the Discovery section of the Göteborg Film Festival’s Nordic Film Market industry showcase.The film goes back to pre-historic times, 6,000 years ago, when migrant farmers virtually replaced the hunter-gatherer populations of northern Europe.

When 16-year old Aathi and her family -the first farmers ever – arrive from the south in the country now known as Denmark, all except Aathi and her younger brother are killed by local hunters.

To survive, the two youngsters are forced to live with the hunters’ tribe in the eerie forest and integrate.

But when Aathi becomes pregnant and the child is forcefully adopted by the tribe,

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