Movie Theater Traumatizes Children by Accidentally Playing ‘La Llorona’ Instead of ‘Detective Pikachu’

If ever you find yourself in a movie theater to see a family-friendly film and are greeted by trailers for R-rated horror movies, turn back — something may have gone terribly wrong.

Moviegoers in Montreal hoping to see “Detective Pikachu” learned that the hard way on Thursday night when a mistake led to “The Curse of La Llorona” being played instead, which naturally caused terror — and tears — among the children present.Ryan George of Screen Rant was in attendance for the ill-fated screening, noticing that something had gone wrong long before the kiddos did: “The theatre I’m in is playing a trailer for Annabelle Comes Home before Detective Pikachu Look Away Children Oh No,” he tweeted.

“Andddd kids are crying.

Now the Joker trailer is playing.”The ordeal didn’t end there, of course, as a preview for “Child’s Play” was next: “Now It’S Chucky Oh No Children Oh No.

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