Mrs Harris Goes to Paris review – Lesley Manville is terrific in Mary Poppins-ish fun

Manville is utterly convincing as a wide-eyed chirpy cleaner who comes into money and sets her heart on a Dior dress in this 1950s-set charmerThe last time we saw Lesley Manville in a fashion movie, she was playing the highly strung sister and business partner of Daniel Day-Lewis’s fastidious British couturier in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread.

Now she returns in a very different fashion film set in very much the same era: the musty old 1950s, playing a chirpy London cleaning lady called Mrs Harris whose backdated war-widow pension kicks in at the same time as a win on the football pools (younger viewers may need to Google that), and she heads off to Paris with a big dream: to buy a beautiful Christian Dior gown.Wide-eyed Mrs Harris finds herself initially looked down on with haughty Gallic astonishment by the fashion house’s formidable director

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