My favourite film aged 12: Mean Girls

Continuing our series in which writers revisit childhood movie passions, we revisit Tina Fey’s endlessly quotable teen comedy – or was it really a horror?• The best arts and entertainment during self-isolationThe thing about being a teenage girl and having a favourite film that’s also about teenage girls is that even if you’re very pretentious (I was) and know that it’s supposed to be pretty ironic (I think I did?), you are, of course, far too close to the subject for it not to be slightly instructional.

Mean Girls came out when I was 12, and like Clueless and Heathers had done respectively in the two decades prior, became the knowing, endlessly quotable teen film of the moment, to be watched, rewatched and parroted among young girls across the world for the entirety of high school.Most of it went swiftly whooshing over our heads: we knew

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