My favourite film aged 12: Mrs Doubtfire

Robin Williams was catnip to me as a kid and I loved his cross-dressing nanny in this bizarre and heartfelt tale of family loveRobin Williams was a constant presence in my life growing up – he was Genie in Aladdin and Alan in Jumanji, when I got older he was Armand in The Birdcage and Adrian in Good Morning Vietnam.

He was cool and funny, and he somehow managed to be a kid and an adult at the same time (it wasn’t an accident he played a 40-year-old Peter Pan in Hook and an 10-year-old adult in Jack).

I watched every single thing he made, and every new film I saw reinforced my belief that a) we would be friends, b) he was the funniest person alive and c) he had a big heart.

In Chris Columbus’s Mrs Doubtfire he managed to embody all the things that I loved about him,

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