My favourite film aged 12: The Net

Continuing our series of writers rewatching old favourites, we revisit a conspiracy thriller featuring peril, pizza – and a prescient Sandra BullockWhen interviewing an actor or director I admire, I’ve made it a personal mission to avoid sycophancy: I’m there for something resembling a business meeting, not a fan convention.

I’m not cold, far from it, but I’m also not about to invite Noah Baumbach for cocktails so I can ramble on at him about how The Squid and the Whale spoke to my inner child of divorce.

I know my place and I know theirs.

But there was one time, back in 2013, when I simply couldn’t help myself.I was at the Gravity junket interviewing Sandra Bullock, stuck with a thankless conveyor-belt slot, shuffled in for less than 10 minutes after waiting for more than three hours.

She was as charming as I’d expected,

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