Natasha Lyonne: ‘There’s a fighter in me that wants to survive’

Natasha Lyonne used her starring role in Orange is the New Black to shake off her demons and reinvent herself.

The actor and director talks about third chances, crosswords and being the class rebelIn a busy Manhattan restaurant, Natasha Lyonne is eating chicken hearts and talking about resurrection.

Her own.

“And I had to forgive myself for wasting so many years, instead of punishing myself for this… misshapen life.” You don’t so much interview Lyonne, I quickly learn, as herd her conversations like existential sheep.

It is a precise chaos – she has a lot to say and is aware of the many limits of time.

Her voice crackles across the busy restaurant – she moves like Joe Pesci as a Simpsons character.

A waiter interrupts with a second plate of glistening meats: “Madam, more hearts?” “In many ways, I did think I was going to die.” He makes briefly frantic eye contact with me,

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