Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ Shoots to the Top of Nielsen’s Streaming Rankings

Nielsen has released its latest report on the most-viewed streaming television shows — and No.

1 on the list will shock you!Click this link to find out… oh, never mind.

It’s “Clickbait,” the limited series that premiered August 25 on Netflix.

The eight-episode thriller, which stars Adrian Grenier, Betty Gabriel, and Zoe Kazan, was viewed for 912 million minutes from August 23 to August 29, garnering nearly twice as many views as runner-up “Outer Banks,” which has been the top-rated show on Nielsen’s reports for several weeks.

“Outer Banks” was viewed for 483 million minutes during the aforementioned time frame, per Nielsen’s latest report.Per Netflix, “Clickbait” focuses on Nick Brewer (Grenier), a loving father, husband, and brother, who one day suddenly and mysteriously disappears.

A video appears on the internet of the badly beaten Nick holding a card that says, “I abuse women.

At 5 million views, I die.” Is this a threat or a confession?

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