Netflix’s ‘Downfall: The Case Against Boeing’: There’s Good Reason for Fear of Flying

Talk to Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Rory Kennedy (“Last Days in Vietnam”) and you see a throughline to her socially-conscious family.

The last of Ethel and Robert F.

Kennedy’s eleven children, Rory was born seven months after her father’s assassination.

The Kennedys are a special breed, our American royal family in many ways, raised in wealth and privilege, close to power, but with a great civic pride and mission.Kennedy looked closely at her family when she made HBO’s Oscar-shortlisted “Ethel,” dug into the world of chess in HBO’s “Bobby Fischer Against the World,” and won a Primetime Emmy for “Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.” Her latest film, “Downfall: The Case Against Boeing,” came out of Kennedy’s primal fear of flying.

That was one reason why she closely tracked the unfolding news story of two back-to-back airplane crashes that took the lives of a total 346 passengers.


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