New Hawkeye Image Shows Off Clint And Kate And Bows And Arrows

Hawkeye,” the next live-action streaming series from Marvel Studios, is coming your way on November 24.

It’s one of those Disney+ shows you should keep on your radar. Jeremy Renner’s archer extraordinaire, Clint Barton, Aka Hawkeye, is the only founding Avenger who hasn’t had a shot at his own solo adventure yet.

Even here, he’s not exactly alone, since he has fan-favorite character, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), accompanying him.She’s making her official debut now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which brings us one step closer, maybe, to a Young Avengers movie.

Either way, “Hawkeye” is one of the 47 titles featured in Entertainment Weekly’s…The post New Hawkeye Image Shows Off Clint and Kate and Bows and Arrows appeared first on /Film.

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