New Locarno Chief Adds Genre Twist to Arthouse Mix

The Locarno Film Festival, long known as a safe haven for indie cinema, is taking a turn into genre territory while remaining true toits origins.“People know what the mission is for Locarno,” says the fest’s new artistic director Giona A.

Nazzaro, referring to the prestige of the event — the 74th edition runs Aug.

4-14 — that is known worldwide as a festival of discovery.But Nazzaro, an Italian film critic and former chief of the Venice Critics’ Week, now intends “to broaden the moral imagination of this mission,” as he puts it, by digging deeper into genre cinema, and “also into the [festival’s] relationship with the U.S.

studios and what people would consider as ] entertainment.”Significantly, this year’s Locarno opener is Netflix Original “Beckett,” a thriller toplining John David Washington as an American tourist who becomes the target of a political assassination while vacationing in Greece, and

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