New Movies to Watch This Week: Double Meryl in ‘The Prom’ and ‘Let Them All Talk’

Normally, this would be the time of year when audiences could choose between big, glossy popcorn movies and the prestigious art films out for Oscar glory.

But of course, Covid-19 has upended the release schedule and extended the awards season a few months longer into 2021.But before you despair, just think how fortunate you are to get two Meryl Streep movies in the same week — even if it means having to subscribe to two different streaming platforms to see them.

On Netflix, Streep joins Nicole Kidman and James Corden in Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of Broadway musical “The Prom,” in which a group of showbiz folks looking for a cause try to shame a small-town PTA into letting a teenage lesbian attend prom.

Over on HBO Max, Streep co-stars with Dianne Wiest and Candice Bergen in “Let Them All Talk,” an overdue-reunion drama in which the three play old friends crossing the Atlantic together.

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