New Movies to Watch This Week: ‘Father Soldier Son’ on Netflix, ‘Dirt Music’ on Demand

July 17 is the weekend that Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” was supposed to open, but in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, the world has folded back on itself like a scene from one of the director’s mind-benders.

As infection rates hit new highs in the U.S., theaters postpone or reverse their plans to reopen, and movies that planned to follow “Tenet” scramble to later spots on the calendar.That leaves streaming platforms and on-demand services to once again pick up the slack, offering a genre-spanning selection of new offerings.

There are showbiz documentaries — including one spotlighting Broadway legend Kaye Ballard, and another about animation mavens Spike and Mike — as well as Sundance-blessed indie offerings such as “Dirt Music” (with Garrett Hedlund) and “The Sunlit Night” (starring Jenny Slate).On Netflix, there’s “The Best Years of Our Lives” meets “Boyhood” in the decade-spanning, New York Times-produced documentary “Father Soldier Son,

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