New Spanish Animation finds Slippers and Stories to fit New Audiences – Ventana Sur

From princesses addicted to smart magic to wolf dogs wary of fake legends, putting a new spin on old tales was the prevailing theme at Ventana Sur’s New Spanish Animation showcase on Monday.A collaboration between Spanish animation festival Weird Market, Ventana Sur’s Animation! and Spanish film agency Icaa, the best-of-Spain online showcase included two series, three feature projects and a work-in-progress.Standout projects included “Masked Cinderella” a 26-part series in the mold of “Teen Titans” which reimagines the fairy tale universe for a superhero savvy, smart device-loving six to 12- year-old audience.Former Imira Entertainment founder, Myriam Ballesteros is directing the 22-minute episode series, a co-production between her company, Mb Productions and the animation producer/distributor Mondo TV Iberoamérica.This well-formed universe sees Cinderella takes the guise of a masked hero who saves Prince Charming from a falling giant glitterball.“We felt that for today’s audience

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