New ‘Star Trek’ Movie in the Works From ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Writer Kalinda Vazquez

Boldly going where only men have gone before, “Fear the Walking Dead” co-executive producer Kalinda Vazquez is writing an original “Star Trek” movie for Paramount Pictures, with J.J.

Abrams’ Bad Robot producing.

Should the film get a greenlight, Vazquez would be the first woman ever to pen a “Star Trek” feature.There are no details yet on the nature of Vazquez’s approach, including whether it would include any previously established “Star Trek” characters.

But Vazquez has recently written episodes of the burgeoning galaxy of “Trek” TV series now streaming on Paramount Plus.

In 2019, she wrote “Ask Not,” an episode of “Star Trek: Short Treks” in which Capt.

Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) tests a Starfleet cadet.

And in 2020, Vazquez wrote the teleplay for “Terra Firma, Part 2,” an episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” set almost entirely in the Mirror Universe, in which the benevolent Federation is instead the bloodthirsty Terran Empire.

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