‘News of the World’ Is an Oscar-Caliber Portrait of a ‘Bitterly Divided’ America

In this discombobulated time, period western “News of the World” is just the sort of big-screen entertainment in short supply for Academy voters.

They still haven’t seen Christopher Nolan’s glossy thriller “Tenet,” which never opened in New York and Los Angeles.

When they eventually watch their Blu-ray screeners, the escapist time-twister isn’t exactly a zeitgeist movie mid-pandemic.Gorgeously mounted period western “News of the World,” on the other hand, not only boasts sumptuous production values, but Paul Greengrass also turned it into a timely political drama.

The London filmmaker likes to embed politics in his films.

His 2002 breakout “Bloody Sunday,” about The Troubles in Northern Ireland, showcased his ability to ratchet tension (a skill he aced in three “Bourne” installments).

He places audiences inside real-life traumas, from ocean kidnapping thriller “Captain Phillips,” his first outing with Tom Hanks, to true terrorist stories “22 July and “United 93,” the

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