Next ‘The Purge’ Chapter Gets 2020 Release Date

Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes have set the untitled next ‘Purge’ chapter for July 10, 2020.Following the success of 2019’s “The First Purge,” which became the highest-grossing film in the horror series, the franchise returns with creator James DeMonaco returning to pen the script.

Jason Blum is producing alongside Man In A Tree duo DeMonaco and Sébastien K.

Lemercier, and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form.The four “The Purge” movies, which started with 2013’s “The Purge,” have grossed $285 million collectively domestically.

The films have starred actors like Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Marisa Tomei, Frank Grillo, Lakeith Stanfield and Michael K.

Williams.Also Read: ‘The Purge’ Is at Its Scariest, and Most Poignant, Addressing #MeToo“The Purge” films are based on a dystopian future where there is an annual 12-hour period where all forms of crime are legal — even murder.There is also a “The Purge” TV series,

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