Nicolas Cage Thinks James Franco Stole ‘Spring Breakers’ Character from His ‘Green Hornet’ Pitch

A new interview with Seth Rogen in GQ Magazine reveals a lot of things.

For one, the actor clears up that rumor about Emma Watson storming off the set of “This Is the End,” saying that there were no hard feelings involved.

For another, Rogen also said that Nicolas Cage thinks that James Franco might’ve stolen his idea to play his cornrowed “Spring Breakers” character like a “white Bahamian” from Cage’s own pitch about playing “The Green Hornet” villain as such.

(Cage’s wish to play the character as a “white Jamaican” has been well known.)Here’s the breakdown, courtesy of GQ: Apparently, Seth Rogen and his longtime creative collaborator and “Green Hornet” screenwriter Evan Goldberg “spoke to Nicolas Cage about him possibly playing the Russian crime boss villain in ‘The Green Hornet,’ only for Cage to inform them he wanted to play him as a bald man,

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