‘Night Teeth’ Review: Netflix’s Baffling Vampire Thriller Lacks More Than Just Bite

Night Teeth” never met a long-winded piece of exposition it didn’t love.

As its neon-colored opening credits slip by, star Debby Ryan’s narration introduces the audience to a secret world of vampires.

They are very real, she says, with a long-held, tenuous truce between the bloodsuckers and the humans keeping the bad stuff at bay.

Most stories, books, films, and TV shows get the details wrong.And then she goes on, and on: Her early promise to tell a new story becomes an excuse to unspool the many (many) rules that dictate this world.

Vampires can’t let humans know they exist; they can’t feast on anyone unwilling; and they can never set foot in the East LA neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

What should be a fun addition to the vampire lore becomes mired in murky dissertations, nonsensical character twists, and a worrying lack of understanding of

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