‘No one knew what to do with me’: Ramy Youssef on privilege, fear and his friend Taylor Swift

The star of his own sitcom, Youssef is now appearing in his first big movie role, in Poor Things.

He discusses his Muslim American roots, filming in Palestine and working with Willem DafoeThese are strange times for Ramy Youssef.

On the one hand, he is about to appear in his first big movie role, in the delightfully surreal and sexed-up fantasia Poor Things.

After his hit comedy drama series Ramy, it looks like the beginning of a new phase in his career.

On the other hand, the Israel-Gaza war is dominating the news, and as one of the most prominent Muslim entertainers out there, Egyptian American Youssef is very much in the spotlight.These two worlds are colliding the day we meet in December.

Youssef is tangentially in the headlines as a result of Taylor Swift having attended his standup show in New York a few days previously, with…

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