‘No Sudden Move’ Review: Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro Have a Blast in Soderbergh’s Lighthearted Caper

Everyone is having such a blast in “No Sudden Moves” that it’s hard to realize how minimal of an impression it leaves until it’s over.

Steven Soderbergh’s lighthearted crime caper offers the kind of fast-and-loose ensemble material that he spins out in his sleep, and with a robust cast on the same wavelength, “No Sudden Move” makes its sense of play infectious.Set in Detroit circa 1954, “No Sudden Move” was shot during the pandemic and has the speedy quality of a production that doesn’t want to waste any time.

It’s so fun to watch the exploits of two-bit criminals Ronald (Benicio Del Toro) and Curt (Don Cheadle) as they attempt to take control of a hired gig on their own terms that, even as the movie devolves into an ineffectual shaggy-dog story shoehorned into a baffling and abrupt real-life backdrop, it remainsLeave it to

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